As an owner of a manufactured home, you are in a unique ownership situation not duplicated

anywhere else.  You own your home, but you also rent someone else’s land. Your financial

investment in your home is often greater than the park owner’s investment in your lot, even

allowing for a share of the common area. Yet, park owners have a HUGE influence over

your living conditions.  GSMOL’s goal is to help manufactured home owners protect their

investment in their homes and to protect their manufactured home quality of life.

It is definitely in your best interest that GSMOL be a strong and vibrant organization statewide,

even if there are currently no pressing problems in your park.  The reason is that circumstances

can change overnight at the state level or in your park, and you do NOT want to be unorganized

if they do.

We have helped manufactured home owners all over the state solve problems in their parks

and influence local legislation.  Our team has assembled files of information including case

histories, court decisions, and California laws on many types of local problems and has compiled

a step-by-step process for helping members solve those problems.

GSMOL’s ongoing legislative program in Sacramento has been instrumental in passing

hundreds of laws on the following topics since its founding in 1962: evictions, clubhouse use,

use of recreational facilities, parking, pets, guests, occupancy restrictions, “For Sale” signs,

home selling restrictions or limitations, rent increase notices, problem resolution within parks,

and many other topics.  Due mainly to the efforts of GSMOL, our manufactured home owners

have one of the most extensive sets of protective laws in the nation.

Despite these advances, current and potential problems still exist in this state, and some

of them are serious.  GSMOL is constantly working in your interest to resolve these favorably

for you, both in individual parks and in Sacramento.  Since you can’t personally go to Sacramento

to represent yourself on every manufactured home issue, GSMOL does it for you, through our

paid Legislative Advocate (lobbyist), consultants and Legislative Action Team.  When they sit down

with a legislator to represent your interests, the combined force of GSMOL’s membership is

behind them, and that legislator knows it.  The sound of thousands of voices will ensure that

our government officials will recognize that we are strong and powerful…and they WILL LISTEN! 

We can’t guarantee we will win every battle, but we can guarantee that you will have a voice and

will be represented.  GSMOL membership is inexpensive insurance that your views will be

effectively represented in Sacramento.

There are other self-help organizations for manufactured home owners, but GSMOL is the oldest

and largest organization working exclusively for the benefit and protection of manufactured home

owners and park residents in California.  No other manufactured home owner organization has

the history of solving park problems and influence in Sacramento that we have.

There are far more voters among park residents than among park owners, and that fact helps to

offset some of the considerable lobbying efforts and financial (political contribution) power of park

owner associations.  However, the threat of unfair taxes and unjust legislation are still a yearly


Do you get the idea there is a constant power struggle going on behind the scenes? If so, you

are RIGHT!  Needless to say, all this effort takes money, which comes from your membership

dues, and from the dues of members in the other 1,700 GSMOL chapters in California.  The

annual dues are just $25 per home, which is about 7 cents per day.  Your annual membership

starts when your membership application and check are received in GSMOL’s headquarters, and

it continues for the next 12 months, regardless of the month of the year.  Individuals can become

members even if there is no local chapter in their park.

Members receive a newsletter (The Californian) describing the latest legislative activity in

Sacramento and informing them of what they can do locally to support their interests.

On our toll-free Legislative Hotline, members can receive the latest available information on

pending legislation during non-office hours.  The number is (800) 888-1727.  It is available all

day on weekends and on weekdays, from 4 pm to 9 am the next morning.  Timely instructions

on the website and Legislative Hotline inform you how you can help protect your own interests by

contacting state legislators.

Since the 1970’s there have been very few new manufactured home parks constructed in

California.  However, the total population of California has grown substantially.  This reduces

our influence relative to the total population and makes it more important than ever for manufactured

home owners to band together to protect our interests.Nobody else is going to do it for us.

By virtue of your manufactured home ownership, you are involved in the political process, like it

or not.Don’t let others make decisions that will affect YOUR life without your input.You might not

like what they decide. 



Becoming a regular member of GSMOL requires the applicant live in a manufactured home

more than three months of the year (special members in RV's for three months).  Applicants may

not work for park owners, be it on the park payroll, in exchange for goods, services or rent, or

as an agent.An approved regular membership affords the holder voting rights and the right to

hold office in GSMOL.

The June 3, 2008 defeat of Prop. 98 was one of the great triumphs in GSMOL history.  With

broad coalition support, we were successful in helping to preserve existing rent protections

and other homeowner rights along with YOUR home value and quality of life.  Please join us now

so we can do even more to serve and protect you.

In GSMOL, there are many ways to assist this process--the most essential way is the easiest

way.  Membership.  This page will help you understand GSMOL membership.

GSMOL Regular Membership
Becoming a regular member of GSMOL requires the applicant live in a mobilehome more than

three months out of the calendar year.   An applicant may not work for park owners, be it on park

payroll, in exchange for goods, services or rent, or as an agent.   An approved regular

membership affords the holder voting rights and the rights to hold office in GSMOL.  The annual

dues amount is $25.

GSMOL Associate Membership
Anyone can become an associate member, and support GSMOL. Associate members have

no voting rights, no rights of access to the Members Area of the GSMOL website or rights to hold

office in GSMOL.   The annual dues amount for Associate Membership is $50, annually.

All applications for membership will be approved pending review. Membership begins upon

the issuance of a membership number.   

Printable application; click here. 

GSMOL Board of Directors - 2014

Jean Crowder - President - Clovis, Ca
Jim Sullivan - Vice President at Large - Oceanside, Ca
John Bertaut - Vice President Zone A - Citrus Heights, Ca
Terri Pohrman - Vice President Zone A-1 - Vallejo, Ca
Ron Hulsey - Vice President Zone B - Porterville, Ca
Craig Hull - Vice President Zone B-1 - Ventura, Ca

Ray Downing - Vice President Zone C - Anaheim, Ca

Tim Sheahan - Vice President Zone D - San Marcos, Ca

Dave Loop - Vice President ROMHC - Aptos, Ca 

Diane McPherson - Treasurer - Santa Rosa, Ca

Marie Pounders - Secretary - Los Osos, Ca

What zone are you in? Check our map!

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